Friday, 27 February 2009

Walls of Shame - Documentary (in 2 parts) 2007

Documentary Broadcast by AlJazeera in November 2007

There is nothing new about so-called 'protective' walls - most ancient cities had them. The ones we see today around Jerusalem date from the 16th century. But the 21st century walls not only look different - they serve a different purpose.

Welcome to the most divisive and controversial wall in the world today. The 700km wall, costing $2m a kilometre has been criticised by the International Court of Justice, yet Israel claims it is vital for its security and the warding-off of suicide bombers.

This episode of the Walls of Shame series will look at the plight of Palestinian farmers whose land became inaccessible because of the wall, and the real intention of those who first drew its outlines. And their highest priority was not the security of Israel. (quote from AlJazeera Homepage)

Walls of Shame (part 1)

Walls of Shame (part 2)

Link to AlJazeera site with more info about the series here